Recorder Ensemble – “Come to Play” Jam Tracks!

Recorder Ensemble – Come to Play notes

Come to Play, by Thomas Cabaniss

Part 1:
Winds blow ,      trum-pets sound-ing
low D – high D –    C     B      C        high D

Strings sing, drum-mers p-p-p-p-p-p pound-ing (repeat)
B –         G –         low D ———————————>

Part 2:
Come to play join sound with sound
G      A    B     G       A       B    C ->

Come to sing, we’ll shake the ground with song!
B    C   D     D        C       B        A        G     high D —>

Part 3:
Come to play join sound with sound[Z]B  A   G    lowD   [Z]C    B     A ->

Come to sing we’ll shake the ground with song!
[Z]D   C   B       G     highE D     C           B      A—>

Eye of the Tiger Jam Tracks

Here’s some jam tracks for 5th grade band students to practice at home!

Advanced Band Music: Eye of the Tiger

Violin, Flute & Xylophone: EYE of the TIGER – Violin, Flute & Xylophon

Clarinet: Eye of the Tiger – Clarinet in Bb

Saxophone: Eye of the Tiger – Alto Sax. bak

Trumpet:  Eye of the Tiger – Trumpet in Bb bak

Trombone & Bass: Eye of the Tiger – Trombone bak

Beginning Band: Sidewalks of New York

Sheet Music for Sidewalks of New York for Beginning Band:

Violin, Flute & Xylophone: The Sidewalks of New York – Violin

Clarinet & Trumpet: The Sidewalks of New York – Clarinet in Bb

Saxophone: The Sidewalks of New York – Alto Sax

Trombone & Bass guitar: Sidewalks of NY – Trombone&Bass

Recorder Ensemble

Welcome, Recorder Ensemble students & families!  I’ll post information to this page about the Spring Concert & assemblies, as well as music and practice tips.  If you click on the links below, you’ll find a recorder fingering chart & an entire Link Up student guide.  Students should practice “The Blue Danube Waltz” and “Come to Play” parts 1 & 2 for our next practice.

Blue Danube – Easy

Link Up Student Guide Recorder Fingering Chart

Arts Day, 3/20/15

I’m sorry for the very late notice, but the Band is going to play at Arts Day, tomorrow! It’s not a mandatory performance, so we’ll get together with whomever is available from the 4th and 5th grade bands to play 12 Bar Blues/Bag’s Groove at dismissal in the lobby – around 2:30-2:40pm.  There is no dress code.  Students should meet in the music room around 2:00pm.  Please email me at if you have any questions!

Community Band

P.S. 29 is hosting a community band this month for parents and kids who play woodwind or brass instruments (i.e. Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet or Trombone).  They’re calling themselves “Polar Vortex” and will hold a few rehearsals before the concert on January 21st.  I’ve been assured that the arrangements are pretty simple.  They’re hoping that parents and kids will participate together.  I’m happy to host a crash-course on playing an instrument for any parents who are interested in playing (you will need to rent an instrument though – The Musician’s General Store on Smith Street has very reasonable rates).  If you’re interested in participating, let me know (, and I’ll put you in touch with the organizers at P.S. 29.  They hope to do more concerts like this, so if you’re not able to join for this concert, but are interested in future concerts, let me know!



Winter Concert & Tree Lighting

TreeThe Winter Concert is just around the corner!  But before the concert, we have an exciting opportunity coming up THIS FRIDAY, Dec. 5th.  I am looking for a handful of students to perform either Frere Jacques or Bells, Bells, Bells at a tree lighting ceremony at the Belarusian Church on the corner of Atlantic Avenue & Bond Street.  The PS 261 Chorus and PS 38 Chorus will also be performing.  The ceremony is from 6:00-8:00pm, and we’re asking students to arrive in the music room at 5:30pm.  If your child is interested in performing on Friday, please send me an email at  It’s a fun event – Santa usually makes an appearance, and there are goodies to eat!

The Winter Concert & Assemblies are Wednesday, December 17th.  There will be assemblies at 9:15 and 10:15am for students, and an evening performance at 6:00pm for families.  Students should arrive at 5:30pm for the evening performance, and wear a white shirt and black pants/skirt for all performances.

Your child should bring home a permission slip for the Winter Concert this week.  You can also download a permission slip: Winter Concert 2014 Permission Slip