2015 Spring Concert

The assemblies went very well today! The Recorder Ensemble, Bands and Choruses were fabulous!  

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 14th, students should arrive at 5:30pm for the 6:00pm concert. The concert will be less than an hour. Performers should wear a white shirt and black pants or skirt.   All school  instruments must be returned to the music room following the concert. 

If your child is in the PS 261 after school program, he or she can come straight to the music room at 5:30pm.  

If you have any questions or concerns about the concert or end of the school year, please send me an email at ps261band@gmail.com. 

Link Up – Nocturne


Here are the notes for the “easy” version of Nocturne from  by Felix Mendelssohn on page 21 of the Link Up student guide.

Beginning Band Jam Tracks – Sidewalks of New York

Recorder Videos!

Recorder Ensemble – “Come to Play” Jam Tracks!

Recorder Ensemble – Come to Play notes

Come to Play, by Thomas Cabaniss

Part 1:
Winds blow ,      trum-pets sound-ing
low D – high D –    C     B      C        high D

Strings sing, drum-mers p-p-p-p-p-p pound-ing (repeat)
B –         G –         low D ———————————>

Part 2:
Come to play join sound with sound
G      A    B     G       A       B    C ->

Come to sing, we’ll shake the ground with song!
B    C   D     D        C       B        A        G     high D —>

Part 3:
Come to play join sound with sound
[Z]B  A   G    lowD   [Z]C    B     A ->

Come to sing we’ll shake the ground with song!
[Z]D   C   B       G     highE D     C           B      A—>

Eye of the Tiger Jam Tracks

Here’s some jam tracks for 5th grade band students to practice at home!

Advanced Band Music: Eye of the Tiger

Violin, Flute & Xylophone: EYE of the TIGER – Violin, Flute & Xylophon

Clarinet: Eye of the Tiger – Clarinet in Bb

Saxophone: Eye of the Tiger – Alto Sax. bak

Trumpet:  Eye of the Tiger – Trumpet in Bb bak

Trombone & Bass: Eye of the Tiger – Trombone bak

Beginning Band: Sidewalks of New York

Sheet Music for Sidewalks of New York for Beginning Band:

Violin, Flute & Xylophone: The Sidewalks of New York – Violin

Clarinet & Trumpet: The Sidewalks of New York – Clarinet in Bb

Saxophone: The Sidewalks of New York – Alto Sax

Trombone & Bass guitar: Sidewalks of NY – Trombone&Bass

Recorder Ensemble

Welcome, Recorder Ensemble students & families!  I’ll post information to this page about the Spring Concert & assemblies, as well as music and practice tips.  If you click on the links below, you’ll find a recorder fingering chart & an entire Link Up student guide.  Students should practice “The Blue Danube Waltz” and “Come to Play” parts 1 & 2 for our next practice.

Blue Danube – Easy

Link Up Student Guide Recorder Fingering Chart